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Church History

Church History

The Church of God Pentecostal was established in 1964 by Bishop Crossfield along with his wife and a handful of dedicated members.

It was in a vision that God revealed a piece of land to Bishop Crossfield in Western Road, Southall. The land contained many people but was surrounded with a vast amount of bushes, however, it was admired by everyone who saw it. Within the same vision, he journeyed from Shepherd Bush to Southall and was given the green light to go and start the work.
The original church services had to be held in the bedroom of Bishop Crossfield’s home but as it grew numerically, the bedroom could no longer contain it. In answer to prayer, the Lord directed them to a minister at The Southall Baptist Church who allowed them to use the church hall on a temporary basis. In 1967, they moved to Featherstone Road where they hired the London Co-operative hall. The church had to move again and this time they hired a hall on Brent Road, which they occupied for eight years.

 A divine breakthrough

A breakthrough came for them in May 1973 when they were able to purchase the existing church land in Western Road, Southall, where we worship to this present day.

In 1996, the original church was demolished and rebuilt. This allowed the entrance of the building to be aligned to the main road, making the church more visible.

Bishop and his wife Pastor Daphne Crossfield resided in Jamaica until August 2016 where they oversaw several other churches in the island.



The church in Western Road was left in the capable hands of Reverend Lloyd Crossfield.
Over the past few years, the church has grown in every way and we continue to seek God’s guidance to bring the church forward according to his perfect will.

Bishop Lemuel and Pastor Daphne Crossfield returned to the UK in August 2016.

Our Bishop Lemuel Crossfield went home to be with the Lord on Wednesday 21 December 2016.

Press Release: Late Bishop Lemuel Crossfield