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Press Release – Pastor Daphne Crossfield

Pastor Daphne Crossfield

Pastor Daphne Crossfield was the co-founder and leader of The Church of God Pentecostal (“TCOGP” now known as Freedom Worship Centre) in Southall, West London, England. 

Daphne May Crossfield was born and raised in St. James district, in the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica. She was the first child of Mr and Mrs Lewin and came from very humble beginnings.  She gave her heart to the Lord in her teenage years. Daphne came to England and married her beloved husband Bishop Lemuel Crossfield, in April 1960.  There was a strong call on her life to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ from a very young age; she wholeheartedly supported her husband with the establishment of a church in of their ‘Bedroom’ in the year 1964.

Pastor Daphne Crossfield was widely known for being a woman of prayer, faith and the word.  She had a deep passion for lost souls and was a dedicated evangelist, making it her mission to share the gospel with everyone she met.  After establishing TCOGP in Southall in 1964, the couple, along with a few dedicated members, were able to purchase the local Methodist church on Western Road in 1973; this was rebuilt in 1997.  The building, now known as Freedom Worship Centre, still operates from the same location – mortgage free!

In the year 2000 Pastor Daphne Crossfield together with her husband returned to Jamaica, where they pastored the Rio Nuevo Branch of TCOGP, and had pastoral oversight of one other church in Alexandria.

On 31st March 2020 Pastor Daphne Crossfield died peacefully at home in London, in the company of her family, following a period of failing health. She is survived by her five children; Errol, Lawrence, Monica, Lloyd and Pauline, her son and daughters-in law; twelve Grandchildren and five Great Grandchildren.

Pastor Daphne Crossfield (affectionately known as ‘Mum’) will be missed by her immediate and extended family, The Freedom Worship Centre family; countless spiritual sons and daughters; fellow ministers of the Gospel and brothers and sisters in Christ.